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Jilin Cultural Industry Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Jilin Cultural Investment Group” for short, and English abbreviation is “JCICL”) was established in 2012 and it is a comprehensive holding group company with comprehensive development in six industrial fields which include culture, tourism, environmental protection, medical care, education, and science and technology.

Culture, inherits wisdom.the Group deeply cultivated the local culture and promoted the development of industry. It has made great efforts in carrying out theatrical performances, film and television entertainment, artwork investment and collection, cultural and financial services and other relevant businesses in the cultural industry. It has also held nearly a hundred events including large performances, calligraphy and painting art exhibitions and all kinds of famous rostrums in order to flourish the performing arts market and enrich cultural and recreational life...

A promising future
Culture industry is recognized as the sunrise industry worldwide, and is a key state industry in China. In the report of the 18th National Congress of Communist Party, it is proposed to develop a strong socialist culture in China. The market of culture industry in China enjoys a huge potential. In the next 5 to 10 years, China's culture industry will generate a 500 billion RMB market. By 2020, the added value created by culture industry and its related industries will reach 2.9 trillion RMB.
A strong resource integration capacity
JCICL has a wealth of marketing experience and a strong operating capacity. With its endowed resources and support from government, JCICL enjoys a superiority of information, resources and cost in policy directions, project investment and management, and it helps JCICL to get quality projects, integrate industry chain and adapt to different industrial policies.
Rich experiences and high-level talent pool
JCICL boasts a professional talent pool which attracts experts in culture, media, financing, management and marketing. It also has a consulting team with experts, professors, scholars and entrepreneurs.
Companies through the government guidance, market-oriented operation of the way to activate the cultural capital market, the establishment of cultural industries and capital market connection channel. The company's investment philosophy has the following points