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Jilin Digital Application Technology (Group) Co., Ltd (referred to as "JDATG") was founded in 2015 with over 100 employees. There are five exclusively-invested holding subsidiaries under JDATG: the Jilin BeiDou Satellite Application Technology Co., Ltd, the Jilin Big Data Information Technology Co., Ltd, the Jilin BeiDou Location Network Co., Ltd, the Jilin Mapping Geographic Information Technology Equipment Co., Ltd, and the Jilin Geographic Information Industry Co., Ltd. Currently, JDATG has been developed into a comprehensive enterprise focusing on digital application technology, with all-round businesses of electronic product development, geographic information technology, BeiDou Satellite application, and exploitation of real estate.

At the end of 2015, JDATG came into strategic agreement with China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, by relying on policies, capitals and technologies, to progressively expand businesses in fields such as satellite image processing, distribution and application, geographic mapping information technology, surveying and mapping engineering, geographic information application, geographic information equipment manufacturing, geographic information industry investment and cultural transmission.

JDATG has been committed itself to research and development of various BeiDou Satellite navigation terminals, including command and control aircraft, individual handset, vehicle-mounted user terminal, shipboard-mounted user terminal, BeiDou RTK and BeiDou tablet computer. Taking the competitiveness of BeiDou professional terminal as the core and the industry information application and mobile Internet application as the market target, JDATG has been striving to become the professional terminal supplier with more competitive in the market, further to provide security in fields such as public safety, electricity, land and urban management.

JDATG attaches importance to services and applications in fields of key projects, emergency security, network map and e-commerce; based on the BeiDou Satellite navigation system, JDATG is able to promote the integration of geographic information and navigational position to provide services in the fields such as transportation, logistics, finance, agriculture, emergency, and vehicle navigation and individual positioning.

Under the concept of being Realistic and innovative, JDATG is equipped with a complete of organizational structure, the rigorous and innovative staff, and a professional production team with strong operation capacity, to work together for the research and development of the digital application technology in Jilin Province.

Facing the future, JDATG insists on the philosophy of "market-oriented and taking customer demand as the driving force for innovation", is determined to create high-quality, cost-effective products and services. The JDATG staff will make unremitting efforts to become the outstanding leader in digital applications in China, and they will shoulder the responsibility of "Digital in Jilin, Dream in China" to create greater social value.