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Jilin Cultural Investment Group adheres to the philosophy of "Prospering China with Education and Serving China with Industry" and is committed to the educational undertaking. Currently, it has planned to be engaged in international education and vocational education, covering the entire industrial chain of education from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school to senior high school.

The Group plans to establish a comprehensive international education group in Jilin Province within 3 to 5 years, to supplement the high-quality education resources of Changchun City and even Jilin Province, and build an international exchange platform for basic education in Jilin Province, thus realizing the integration of basic education in Jilin Province with the international practices.

At present, with the Jiwen Education Consulting Co., Ltd. as the core of vocational education and training, the Group has gradually developed the authoritative professional training courses such as "Leadership & Excellence Team" and cultivated high-quality and skilled talents that can well adapt to future development; Based on vocational education training, the Group covers various fields, including the pre-employment, post-employment, career preparation, etc. The Group has achieved development through various modes such as school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university-research integration, etc.