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From tradition to symbiosis, from plate to territory, Jilin Cultural Investment Group is firmly entering the field of new cultural while taking root in the one of traditional cultural and actively exploring the connotation of cultural model. Tradition and innovation models are compatible and simulative with each other, and the mutual support of the four pillars, i.e., cultural performing arts, film and television entertainment, art investment and collection, culture finance, which has formed a diversified, thick foundation and tensile platform for the cultural industry to support the development of cultural undertakings with the plate and to accelerate the profound changes in the industry with the model, and to promote the overall evolution of "Jilin Culture".
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Jilin Cultural Investment Group has wholly established Jilin Province Artwork Trading (Group) Co., Ltd. and carries out much business such as trading services of artwork, investment consulting of it, information publishing of it, distribution of artistic derivatives and art financial product, etc. Jilin Province Artwork Auction Co., Ltd. established by the company is one of the most competitive auction companies in the province. With the completion of the two major sectors of transaction and auction, Jilin Cultural Investment Group will assemble the entire links of the artwork circulation including production, sales, investment and storage. We use the circulation of the artwork trading as a basis to comprehensively promote the widespread dissemination of local art and national culture in Jilin.
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China's film market is still in a period of rapid growth. As national policy supports it, the capital flows into competition. The integration of industrial ecology is deepened. Consumers' internal demand for culture and entertainment consumption will increase, which brings a huge opportunity for the development of China's film industry.
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The integration of culture and finance has given rise to the formation and development of culture and finance industries. The key to the current development of the cultural industry is whether culture and finance can be effectively linked or not. To achieve an effective connection between culture and finance, the first is to innovate the cultural and financial institutional mechanisms; the second is to innovate financial products and services that meet the characteristics of cultural industry development.
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