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Jilin Digital Media Company is established by Jilin Cultural Investment Group (JCICL) to drive ahead the digitalization strategy and to accelerate the combination of traditional media and digital and internet technologies. It provides a more convenient environment for media companies and plays an important role in integrating and sharing culture and media resources to push forward the development of digital media industry in Jilin province.

The company takes "realistic and innovative" as its business purpose and boasts a professional R&D team with advanced academic degrees and excellent managing skills. With such a sound organizational structure and dedicated work team, the company is well on its way to making more contribution for the development and application of digital media technology.

The company provides diversified, safe and stable multi-media promotional products to customers to upgrade their brand awareness, expand promotional channels and reduce cost. It has established a close and long-term partnership with most of the portal web sites, entertainment sites and video sites. Besides, the company has integrated resources in video production, which is a competitive cross-media platform for our customers and media partners.

The core mission of Jilin Digital Media Company is to integrate media resources and push forward digital media industry upgrade in Jilin province. With its advanced digital technology and innovative service mode, the company will be the digital industry pillar in Jilin.

Shidai Shenghua Culture Industry Investment (China) Group

Shidai Shenghua Culture Industry Investment (China) Group is a joint venture focusing on culture industry investment, innovation, promotion and marketing. Its main business is to invest and produce large-scale performance, film and drama, develop supporting facilities in cultural tourism zones, develop tourism products, organize cultural event and construct tourism property.

The company keeps abreast with the latest development in culture industry and follows the business philosophy of "culture creates value, innovation changes life and ideas direct future".

Shidai Shenghua Culture Industry Investment (Beijing) Company

Shidai Shenghua Culture Industry Investment (Beijing) Company, founded in 2010, is a leading company in culture industry. Its main business is to invest and provide services in culture projects and related facilities, organize large-scale culture exchange events, invest in film, drama and comics, organize exhibition and meeting and develop real estate. With a high-quality talent pool and an advanced management philosophy, it has developed into a leading culture industry company.

The company boasts a leading and trustworthy work team and is committed to develop sustainable culture projects. It provides financing services for mainstream culture and regional culture projects to upgrade their culture value and eventually to achieve mutual success...