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Shidai Shenghua Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jilin Cultural Investment Group, and it is a large-scale environmental protection technology group company specialized in environmental technology consulting and pollution control.

Shidai Shenghua Technology Co., Ltd., established on December 18, 2015, successfully passed the approval of the Ministry of National Environmental Protection in March 2017 and obtained 9 categories of qualification certificates for environmental impact assessment. In March 2018, it was awarded 7 patents for utility model granted by the state intellectual property office.

Shidai Shenghua Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Beijing and has established 18 provincial branches. Professional and technical team: master's degree or above accounts for more than 23% of the total number of the company and engineers or above account for about 50% of it. The company actively expands the business of environmental protection housekeeping and uses internet technology to build large databases and platforms, and provides companies with one-stop and comprehensive service such as environmental protection hosting, environment impact assessment, environmental monitoring and the completion acceptance, design and operation of environmental protection engineering, environmental protection equipment, finance loans for environment protection, planning and scientific research for environment protection, investigation of polluted site and remediation of soil, etc. The company actively seizes the high point of scientific and technological innovation and strives to become a world-class environmental protection enterprise.

Core service
Environmental assessment
Chemical petrochemical medicine, metallurgical electromechanical, light industry textile and chemical fiber, transportation, social services, agriculture and forestry water conservancy, building materials thermal power, mining, transmission and transformation of electricity and radio and television communications, nuclear and radiation report form, general report form.
Environmental planning
Park (the industrial agglomeration area) planning environmental assessment, environmental protection and special ecological planning, environmental risk assessment and emergency plan, clean production audit, environmental supervision technical service and consultation, company listing verification technical service, carbon emission verification, energy efficiency assessment service.
Environmental engineering
Water pollution and air pollution control engineering, engineering consulting, design, construction, pollution control facilities operations, pollution site investigation, assessment and soil restoration, manufacturing of environmental protection equipment, the comprehensive improvement of VOCs waste gas.
Environmental monitoring
Environmental protection inspection (investigation) for completed construction projects, monitoring of air environmental pollution, water environmental pollution monitoring, soil environmental pollution and food.
One-stop service for environmental protection
Establish a large database of environmental protection, and help the park or enterprises to overall solve their environmental protection needs according to their specific conditions.
In the above areas, we provide first-class, one-stop and high-quality service in China. We adhere to the principle of excellence, integrity and stability. We provide high-quality and satisfactory service to our customers wholeheartedly.
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