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As a specialized facilitating agency in technical detection and evaluation advisory services, ShidaiShenghua Technology Co., Ltd was established in October 2015, which was approved by and registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. There is a high-quality professional team in the company: professors of engineering, senior engineers, engineers and other professional and technical personnel at all levels, in which there are 6 doctors and 22 masters. Over 80% are the undergraduates and more than 40% of the total number are engineers. The company technical staff have won two second prizes and three third prizes of the provincial science and technology award, five first prizes and three second prizes of the municipal science and technology award. The main technical director in the company has been appointed as the team leader in the national major water technology research project of the twelfth five-year plan.

There are two centers under the leadership of ShidaiShenghua Technology Co., Ltd: the Detection Center and the Environmental Impact Assessment Center.

The Detection Center possesses two testing laboratories with total covering area of 4,000 m2, respectively in Changchun City of Jilin Province and Kunming City of Yunnan Province. There are the organic laboratory, the inorganic laboratory, the physical and chemical laboratory and the microbiological laboratory, with the advanced equipment and instrument at home and abroad, such as the devices from Agilent in the United States and from Jena in Germany. The Detection Center provides one-stop service: program formulation, site survey, sampling, analysis, reporting and evaluation; it also offers the sample analysis service.

The core business of the Environmental Impact Assessment Center (EIAC) is to make environmental assessment on regional planning and on construction project, have clean production audit, examine carbon emissions and conduct energy saving evaluation. The EIAC is equipped with 16 registered environmental impact assessment engineers, and 48 technicians specializing in environmental impact assessment, cleaner production audits, examination of carbon emissions and energy-saving assessment services. Under the management guideline of "taking quality as the purpose, obtaining customer satisfaction and recognized by the examining and approving body", EIAC is committed to China's environmental protection and energy-saving business. The following four categories are included in the core service: Detection: we are able to provide world-class all-round detection and one-stop authentication service in the fields of environment, water quality, project acceptance, food security, etc.

Certification: we are able to prove whether your product, process, system or service meets national and international standards and norms or meets customer-defined criteria by certification.

Evaluation: we may accept government and social authorization to make planning evaluation, environmental impact assessment for the enterprise in the overall process, conduct environmental protection acceptance on construction projects, and propose reasonable suggestion by process analysis so as to pass through the review.

Consultation: relying on a powerful testing platform, we are able to provide advisory services for cleaner production audit and consulting, carbon emission examination, carbon emission management and low-carbon technologies consulting, energy-saving assessment and energy consumption monitoring. We always focus on the expectations of customers and the community, in order to provide market-leading services when required.

We are in a leading position in improving quality, safety and productivity and reducing the risk of specialized business solutions, which can help customers survive in an increasingly standardized world.

Our independent services are able to increase significant values for customer operations to ensure the sustainability of the business.

In addition to providing services to promote sustainable development, we also make contributions to the sustainable development of enterprises.

The sustainable development for us means not only to manage the long-term profitable business, but also to take into account that all positive and negative environment, social and economic impact.