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Jilin Cultural Industry Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Jilin Cultural Investment Group” for short, and English abbreviation is “JCICL”) was established in 2012 and it is a comprehensive holding group company with comprehensive development in six industrial fields which include culture, tourism, environmental protection, medical care, education, and science and technology.

Culture, inherits wisdom.the Group deeply cultivated the local culture and promoted the development of industry. It has made great efforts in carrying out theatrical performances, film and television entertainment, artwork investment and collection, cultural and financial services and other relevant businesses in the cultural industry. It has also held nearly a hundred events including large performances, calligraphy and painting art exhibitions and all kinds of famous rostrums in order to flourish the performing arts market and enrich cultural and recreational life. The Group actively promoted the business of artwork trading, produced relevant products in the links of production, marketing, collection and investment of the industrial chain, promoted the circulation of elements of cultural industry and optimized the cultural resources in the province. Besides, it  developed cultural finance based on the national policies and regulations so as to provide solid capital guarantee for the sustainable development of local cultural industry. On November 19th, 2017, Jilin Provincial Art Museum owned by the Group was grandly built , which created the precedent for the first large private enterprise in Jilin Province to build an art museum.

Tourism, builds life.through the formulation of scientific and reasonable tourism development strategy and industrial layout, the Group combined cultural industrialization with tourism depth, and focused on the construction and development of key tourism resources and projects. The Group invested in "Jilin 100 Cultural Square", "Jilin 100 International Square" and created a modern cultural industry complex and commercial complex that integrated the functions of business office, business hotel, cinema, museum, fire station, Loft apartment, infant education and art education. The two projects were built one after another to boost the regional prosperity. Relying on the eco-tourism resources in Jilin Province, the Group was committed to constructing tourist attraction cluster and pan-tourism industrial cluster, implementing the strategy of cultural tourism, developing characteristic tourist products, cultivating hot tourist consumption spots, promoting regional tourist brand, promoting the integration of tourism industry and related industries, and guiding the tourism industry in the province to be large-scale, professional, and strong.

Environmental protection, guards the ecology. through industrial investment and equity investment, Jilin Cultural Investment Group was deeply involved in the whole industrial chain of environmental protection. The Group’s wholly owned and controlled subsidiary, Shidai Shenghua Technology Co., Ltd., as a modern environmental consultation and R&D organization specializing in consultation, development and utilization of environmental protection technology, had 9 categories of qualification certificates for environmental impact assessment, ranked the first among the national environmental assessment units, and gained the patent right for 7 utility models granted by the State Intellectual Property Office. It could provide one-stop services for enterprises, such as environmental protection trusteeship, environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring and completion acceptance, environmental protection engineering design and operation, environmental protection equipment, environmental planning and scientific research, pollution site investigation and soil remediation, etc. The Group has set up provincial branches in more than 20 provincial capitals, and was committed to becoming a first-class international environmental protection enterprise. The Group’s joint stock company, Jilin Shuangyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, reached the domestic leading level in environmental water treatment, oily sludge treatment, hazardous waste treatment, energy saving and telemetering technology. In October 2017, it was listed on the new over-the-counter market and the stock code was 872209.

Health care, serves the public. the Group followed the demand of social development to select superior resources and it established “Jilin Provincial Maternal and Child Care Hospital”in 2018 . It was committed to building  the first-class service system integrating prenatal guidance, maternal nursing, postnatal rehabilitation and childbearing guidance. At the same time, the Group actively constructed the comprehensive old-age care projects, including rehabilitation center, the college for the aged, recreational center, Chinese medicine health care and other old-age care and health care industry conditions, built the new industry conditions of women, children, fertility, infant and rehabilitation of the old, and created the new flagship of high-end medical care.    

Education, makes dreams come true. The Group, taking the educational resources in the province as its foothold, actively engages in the educational undertakings and sets up the high-quality private school, international school, Sinology school, student career planning and counseling institution, and the educational industry complex, covering the sub-fields of education industry from kindergartens, primary school, junior middle school to senior high school. In August 2018, the group established Jilin Jiwen Educational Consulting Co., Ltd., and hired domestic and foreign authoritative professional teachers to successfully launch professional training courses such as “Elite Growth Plan”, “Successful Change Training Camp” and “Excellent Team Building”, devoting to developing high-quality, high-skilled and excellent professional talents adaptable to future development and building a leading brand in professional education.  

Technology, creates the future. The Group cooperated with the famous universities in the province. Through the incubation of scientific and technological projects and the capitalized operation of scientific and technological achievements, we set up "School-enterprise R & D Center of Jilin Cultural Investment". By declaring the Key Laboratory of Jilin Province, we constructed the transformation platform of scientific and technological achievements and the industry-academia-research platform in Jilin Province, and set up "Jilin Cultural Investment Excellence Scholarship" in five universities including Jilin University, Northeast Normal University and Jilin University of Finance and Economics.

As a leading enterprise in China's bee product industry, Jilin Cultural Investment Group’s joint stock company Jilin Baolixiang Beekeeping Co., Ltd. came out first in the fields of bee product processing, traditional Chinese medicines prepared in ready-to-use forms and edible enzyme extraction. The company was listed on the new over-the-counter market in July 2015 and the stock code was 832878.

In 2013, Jilin Cultural Investment Group was identified as “Jilin Provincial Cultural Industry Demonstration Base” by Jilin Province Department of Culture and it also passed the quality management authentication of ISO9001 smoothly. In 2014, the Group was selected as the president unit of the Investment Fund Association of Jilin Province. In 2015,the Group became the participant of interagency quotation system. In September 2016, the Group received the interview of the voyage of discovery column Credit Archive in CCTV channel and became the model in this profession which adhered to integrity and developed the brand. In December, the Group was honored as “Youth Civilization” by the Communist Youth League Jilin Provincial Committee. In July 2017, Jilin Cultural Investment Group was awarded “defend the contract heavy credit” enterprise in Changchun City. On July 26th, 2018, the third global Jilin business conference was launched and Jilin Cultural Investment Group was awarded the honor of “Jilin Business Public Welfare Demonstration Enterprise”! On September 25th, 2018,Jilin Cultural Investment Group was identified as a 3A level credit enterprise!       

With the development of the enterprise, Jilin Cultural Investment Group remained true to its original aspiration and gave back to society with more than forty million yuan donated. In January 2016, Department of Civil Affairs of Jilin Province officially approved the establishment of "Jilin Provincial Cultural Investment Philanthropic Foundation". The philanthropic undertaking of the Group entered into a formal, specialized, socialized and orderly track. In April 2018, Jilin Provincial Cultural Investment Philanthropic Foundation was identified as one of the first batch of charitable organizations directly under the management of provincial government.

In the future, Jilin Cultural Investment Group will deeply carry forward the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in practices, deeply study the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new age, continue the prospective development of enterprise, namely “Jilin Culture, China Dream”, insist on the joint development in the six industries which include culture, tourism, environmental protection, medicine care, education, and science and technology, stick to keep pace with country’s policies and the local development and aim to become the leading power in the aspect of promoting the rapid development of cultural tourism and emerging technologies in Northeast China.