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Jilin Cultural Industry Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., (JCICL) was founded in 2012, as a holding group company comprehensively developed in five major sectors of culture, tourism, environmental protection, technology, and medical & health care. 


In terms of cultural industry, the Group cultivated deeply into local culture to promote industrial development; vigorously carried out theatrical performances, film, television and entertainment, art investment and collection, cultural finance and other cultural industry-related business, and held hundreds of large-scale performances, exhibitions of calligraphy and painting art as well as various forum of famous artists, flourishing arts market and constructing cultural and recreational life; actively promoted art trading business to generate related products for the "production, sale, collection and investment" chain, facilitating the circulation of cultural industry elements and optimizing cultural resources in the province; developed cultural finance on the basis of national policies and regulations, providing a solid capital guarantee for the sustained growth of local cultural industries.  On November, 19, 2017, Jilin Art Museum affiliated to the Group was opened grandly, as a pioneer for large private enterprises to build an art museum in Jilin Province.


In terms of tourism industry, through formulating scientific and reasonable tourism development strategy and industrial layout, the Group combined cultural industrialization with tourism in depth, and carried out tailored construction and development of key tourism resources and projects. The Group keeps a foothold on Jingyue carrying two major commercial complex projects! The Group has invested CNY 1 billion to construct the "Jilin 100 Culture Plaza", as a modern cultural industry complex integrating 5A office building, business inn, multi-functional hall, cinema, catering, commerce, museum, fire station, art fund safe and other functions. It successfully held controlling interest of Jilin Province Fulin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd and its land use right, that is, the 15,171 square meters land development project located at the intersection of Fuzhi Road and East Linhe Street in the Jingyue District of Changchun. The land is intended for constructing "Jilin 100 International Plaza", as a commercial complex of office, hotel, hotel-style loft apartment and some commercial products.  Relying on the ecotourism resources in Jilin Province, the Group is committed to constructing the tourism scenic spot cluster and the pan-tourism industry cluster, implementing the cultural tourism strategy, developing the characteristic tourism products, cultivating hot spots of tourism consumption, promoting regional tourism brands, promoting the integration and development of tourism industry and related industries, so as to guide the cultural tourism industry of the Province to become bigger, better and stronger. 

In terms of environmental protection industry, through industrial investment and equity investment, the Group deeply cultivated the entire environmental protection industry chain. Shi Dai Sheng Hua Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group, has nine qualification certificates for environmental impact assessment as a modern environmental protection consulting and R&D institution specializing in technical consultation and development of environmental protection. It is ranked the first in national environmental impact assessment unit qualification industry category, and has won seven patent rights of utility model granted by the State Intellectual Property Office. It provides one-stop services including environmental protection trusteeship, environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring and completion acceptance, environmental protection engineering design and operation, environmental protection equipment, environmental planning and scientific research, polluted site investigation and soil remediation, and has established provincial branches in more than 20 provincial capital cities, aiming for an international first-class environmental protection enterprise. Jilin Shuangyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a joint-stock company of the Group, has achieved a domestically leading level in environment-friendly water treatment, oily sludge treatment, hazardous waste treatment, energy saving and telemetry technology. It was listed on the NEW OTCBB in October 2017, in stock code of 872209. 


In the field of technology industry, the Group has carried out "school-enterprise cooperation" with well-known colleges and universities in the province; through the incubation of hi-tech projects and the capitalization of technological achievements, established a "JCICL’s Joint R&D Center of School-Enterprise Cooperation"; by declaration of Key Laboratory in Jilin Province, constructed a platform for the transfer/transformation of scientific and technological achievements and for production, education and research in the province; and set up "JCICL Scholarship for Excellence " in five universities, including Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, Jilin University of Finance and Economics, etc. Ubye, a shareholding subsidiary company of the Group, is committed to building a domestically leading Internet platform for funeral service, which integrates Internet technology and traditional funeral industry. The combination of online platform and offline service enables the funeral industry more efficient, convenient, standardized and transparent, leading a new pattern in this industry. 

Yanbian Baolixiang Bee Industry Co., Ltd., a company which the Group holds shares, is a leading enterprise in bee products processing, Chinese medicine slice production, edible enzyme extraction and the like fields. It was listed on the NEW OTCBB in July 2015, in stock code of 832878.


In terms of medical and health care, the Group complied with the market demand to select high quality resources. In 2018, the Group prepared and constructed a "Mother-Child Hospital of Jilin Province" committed to forming the first-class service system integrating prenatal guidance, maternal care, post-natal rehabilitation, baby-care guidance, etc. At the same time, it actively made preparations for comprehensive pension projects including rehabilitation center, university for the aged, entertainment center, health care of traditional Chinese medicine, etc., to build a new pattern of women, birth, education, infant and old-age rehabilitation, creating a new flagship of high-end medical care.


In 2013, JCICL was named "Jilin Province Cultural Industry Demonstration Base" by the Department of Culture in Jilin Province, and passed ISO9001 quality management certification successfully. In 2014, the Group was elected the head organization of Jilin Province Investment Fund Industry Association. In 2015, the Group became a participant in the inter-agency quotation system of China Securities and Exchange Company. In September 2016, the Group was interviewed by CCTV's Discovery Journey "Credit Archives", as an industry model of "abiding by good faith and developing brand", and in December of the same year, the group was named "Youth Civilization" by the Jilin Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League. In July 2017, JCICL was awarded the " Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit" in Changchun.  On July 26, 2018, the third Global JC Conference opened, and JCICL won the award of "JC Demonstrative Enterprise of Public Welfare"!


While the enterprise is developing, JCICL never forgets its original ideal and ambition to feed the society, with a cumulative public welfare donation of over CNY 40 million. In January 2016, the Jilin Provincial Civil Affairs Department formally approved the establishment of "JCICL Public Welfare Foundation", which marked formal trace of the Group’s public welfare undertaking towards formalization, specialization, socialization and ordering.  In April 2018, JCICL Public Welfare Foundation was recognized as the first group of charitable organizations directly under the province.


Facing the future, JCICL will deeply practice the spirit of the 19th National Congress, deeply understand the thought of socialism new era with Chinese characteristics, continue the enterprise vision of "Cultural Jilin, Pursuing Dreams of China", adhere to five major industries of culture, tourism, environmental protection, technology, and medical &health care, developing hand in hand, and keep the same pace with the national policies and local development, striving for a leading force for promoting the rapid development of cultural tourism and new technology in Northeast China.