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China is gradually entering an aging society, and the rapid release of the demand from medical treatment and old-age care industries will create a huge market space for the industries of women, childbirth, rearing, infant and old-age care & health care. In order to conform to the social development, Jilin Cultural Investment Group gets to the root of the consumption demand and selects high-quality resources. In 2018, "Jilin Maternal and Child Hospital" is prepared to be built, which is committed to building a first-class service system integrating prenatal guidance, maternal care, postpartum rehabilitation and infant care guidance as an organic whole. At the same time, Jilin Cultural Investment Group is also actively in preparation for the comprehensive pension projects including rehabilitation center, university for the aged, entertainment center, traditional Chinese medicine health care and other old-age care and health maintenance commercial activities, building a new business model for women, childbirth, rearing, infant and old-age care & rehabilitation and creating a new flagship for high-end medical care so as to provide the provincial people with high quality medical and pension resources and assist the healthy development of the related industries in our province.

Jilin Maternal and Child Hospital Co., Ltd
Jilin Provincial Mother-Child Hospital is located at the intersection of Fuzhi Road and Juye Street, Jingyue National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jilin Province. This area is the residential, business and travel center and can provide convenient transportation. The hospital plans to be equipped with clinical departments such as obstetrics department, gynecology department, pediatrics department, emergency department, anesthesiology department and postpartum recovery center, and medical departments such as clinical laboratory, ultrasonic department, radiology department, operating room and pharmacy department. The hospital hired well-known gynecologists and obstetricians in the province to make a team with high-end obstetrics and gynecology as its main operating features. This team also invested in the province's first fetal NMR equipment and built a family-style delivery room combining the functions of labor room and delivery room (LDR). Besides, it also provides non-invasive delivery service to assist natural labor and to advocate natural breast feeding.
Jilin Provincial Mother-Child Hospital is committed to building a first-class service system integrating prenatal guidance, maternal care, postpartum recovery and parental guidance. It introduces authoritative technical teams, advanced medical equipment and excellent service concepts to provide safe, honorable, elegant, private, efficient and convenient obstetric and gynecological service experience for the general public.
Characteristics of Jilin Provincial Mother-Child Hospital
The first garden-style obstetrics and gynecology hospital in the province
Create the first self-contained garden-style high-end obstetrics and gynecology hospital in the province. With a total floor area about 12,600 m2 and a building area of 15,000 m2, it can give customers a more comfortable environment and fresher air to ensure their good mood in a whole day.
World-leading international medical resources
In this hospital, customers can accept overseas medical treatment directly and enjoy more advanced medical resources and technology without problems such as language barrier, cultural difference and complicated procedures.
No need to step outside your front door, we can provide considerate door-to-door service
Mothers-to-be do not need to leave their familiar environment and they can enjoy visiting service from professionals with only one phone call, which is quicker and considerate.
More mature operation and management experience
Relying on the strong operation and management ability of JCICL, we make the hospital operation more reasonable, more efficient, more considerate and more professional in every detail.