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Changchun Jingyuetan Traveling Development Group seeks strategic cooperation with JCICL
Source:JCICL   Updated:Mar,10,2016   Hits:440

On the morning of March 10th, representatives from Changchun Jingyuetan Tourism Development Group (CJTDG) came to JCICL to seek strategic cooperation. Zhang Ziyi, Chairman and CEO of JCICL met Yue Peng, Director of the Publicity Department and Yang Hecheng, Director of Management Department from CJTDG. The two sides exchanged ideas on possible strategic cooperation. 

Yue Peng introduced the operating situation of CJTDG and made a detailed presentation of some main projects they hosted, including Vasa Ski Festival, International Forest Marathon, Mountain Biking Marathon, Dragon Boat Match and Jingyuetan programs. Yue Peng was impressed by JCICL’s performance. He hoped the two companies can reach a strategic cooperation to realize a leap-forward development, especially in internet and cultural areas. 

Zhang Ziyi expressed JCICL’s willingness to cooperate with CJTDG. Jingyuetan, a national 5A tourist destination, is the most beautiful name card of Changchun city. Co-developing Jingyuetan tourist resources is not only a cooperation between companies, but also an important move to boost tourism in Changchun city and Jilin province. Zhang said JCICL was ready to make contributions. 

Zhang also gave suggestions on program cooperation, especially the LA•NOVA Dream Show. LA•NOVA is a world-level magic show produced by JCICL, American Base Group, China International Culture & Arts Company (CICAC) and Hangzhou Tianlin Cultural Communication Company. The debut show is on April 22th and there will be over 600 tour shows in Greater China Region. People in Changchun will also have the opportunity to enjoy this show. 

The two sides expressed cooperation intentions and they both hoped to make the best of the strong ties and make further contribution for Changchun’s economic and social development.