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JCICL invites Wu Xiaobo to make a speech on Investment and Value Re-engineering
Source:JCICL   Updated:Jul,9,2016   Hits:176

On July 9th, 2016, Wu Xiaobo, the famous financial writer and the founder of Blue Lion publishing brand, made a speech in Changchun. Invited by JCICL, Wu Xiaobo made a thorough interpretation of current investment environment and give guidance on personal asset allocation.

Wu Xiaobo, born in 1968, is regarded as the most outstanding financial writer in China. He is the founder of Blue Lion, a publishing brand. Being a former visiting scholar at Harvard University, he is the Director, guest researcher, Office for China enterprising history, PKU Case Research Center and is teaching EMBA courses at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Jinan University, focusing on company research. In 2009, he was named as one of the “China’s Youth Leaders of the year” by Southern People Weekly. He has been the hose of Chinese Entrepreneurs, a financial TV program. As one of the most well-known business authors in China, his bestsellers include China’s Thirty Tumultuous Years, Great Failures and Great Failures II, etc. He was elected as the China’s Youth Leader by Southern People Weekly in 2009.

Wu Xiaobo may enjoy the full advantages a writer can have. He is rich, handsome, optimistic, modest, talented and a likable person. He makes accurate analysis of the flight markets to help readers establish a clear view on values.

Wu Xiaobo shared his four strategies in wealth management. Wu is confident about China’s economy and he thinks China has great potential to be the largest economy in the world.

There are more to be expected from JCICL. On August 7th, Richard Clayderman 2016 China tour in Changchun will be staged in Five Ring Gymnasium. JCICL always remember its responsibility to boost culture industry in Jilin Province and to enrich people’s life.