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Amazing China!- All Members of Jilin Cultural Investment Group Watched a Large-scale Documentary Amazing China
Source:   Updated:Mar,15,2018   Hits:116

In order to enhance employees' national confidence and pride, on the afternoon of March 8th, Jilin Cultural Investment Group organized more than 500 employees in Changchun to watch a large-scale documentary Amazing China. At the scene, all the staff were in high spirits, marveled at the rapid development of science and technology in the motherland, and felt that the strength of the country was stronger and stronger. Our motherland was so prosperous that a strong sense of national pride was aroused.

At the scene, banners waved, such as "Jilin Cultural Investment Group Wishes Great Motherland More Prosperous and Successful and Wisher People of All Nationalities Happy and Healthy", "Jilin Cultural Investment Group Cheers the Motherland Up", "Amazing China" and "My Cultural Investment, My Country". Jilin Cultural Investment Group expressed its good wishes to the great motherland.

The opening of the film resonated with all the employees. Chinese bridges, Chinese roads, Chinese ports, Chinese cars stroke the world, and became a new sign of Chinese "Era Creation"; Chinese Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope, Chang E-3, Tiangong 2, quantum satellite, dragon, offshore drilling platform and the Jiaolong showed proud legends of China’s science and technology. Through targeted poverty alleviation and cross-provincial assistance, regional coordinated development is promoted and a vivid Chinese story is written. The Belt and Road Initiatives and construction of a common destiny of mankind promoted joint discussion, construction and prosperity of the world, making China show the elegant demeanour of a big country on the world stage. The film covered and contained everything, presenting the great achievements of China's past five years driven by the new development concept of innovation, coordination, environmental protection, openness and sharing, making a precise interpretation of the rise of a big country, economic takeoff, national strategy, and global guidance, depicting China's practice in road confidence, theoretical confidence, institutional confidence and cultural confidence, and fully demonstrating the historic achievements of China since the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC.

After the film, the group staffs were deeply shocked and inspired. Several employees said: "We are moved by this film. It enhances our national confidence,. We are proud of the motherland", "We feel the huge change brought by the Chinese Dream projects to China, and give the thumbs-up for China", "China has been developing and we will contribute more strong power to the development of the motherland."

"Seas change into mulberry fields and mulberry fields into seas -- time brings great changes to the world." In the past five years, the great motherland has been soaring up. China is developing towards an innovative country. Every innovative enterprise and talent who take the mission and lead the future are making extraordinary contributions to this country. We are grateful to the leaders and builders of the great motherland. We will root the spirit of rejuvenation into our heart, and release the national strength and selfless dedication in the creation of history. Builders of Jilin Cultural Investment Group are also urging themselves on the original entrepreneurial intention with majestic power and dedication. Based on "culture, tourism, environmental protection, science and technology", the group works hard for the cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!