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Jilin Cultural Investment Group Visited the Public Security Fire Brigade of Shuangyang District
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On the morning of March 27, the visit team composed of seven members including the party committee secretary of Jilin Cultural Investment Group Chen Xi, and the president of administrative department Cheng Li, came to visit the Public Security Fire Brigade of Shuangyang District, representing the party committee and all staff of the Group to express their cordial greetings to the vast number of fire fighters. The political instructor of the Fire Brigade Li Xiangmin, the squadron leader Wang Dawei, and the instructor Jia Weimin warmly welcomed them, with their sincere thanks to the Jilin Cultural Investment Group for full support of the fire work of the fire brigade. 

During the visit, the squadron leader Wang Dawei said: At present, it is the spring fire prevention period, in order to prevent fire accidents, the soldiers must be ready for battle, making determined efforts, and conducting grid inspection to the critical areas. They have to search for the fire causes strictly, control the ignition source strictly, and put the whole efforts of the brigade into the preparation for the mission of the spring fire prevention. Brigade has made a key deployment for the fire prevention work during the Qingming Festival especially, with the effective measures being arranged, and the responsibility being assigned. The brigade has strengthened the duty and emergency preparedness and will make resolution to do a good job of fire prevention and control, to ensure the security of region's people's lives and property.

Shuangyang District Public Security Fire Brigade has made proud performance in the past few years in the fire safety work, the Brigade adheres to the strict management according to the law and the overall improvement of combat effectiveness, to complete the task of fire protection with outstanding work, effectively safeguarding the property security of the region's people. The vast number of fire fighters seriously fulfill their duties and pay a deal of hard work, highlighting the political nature and fighting spirit of the people’s army.

The visit activities fully expressed the concerns and cares of the party committee and all staff of Jilin Cultural Investment Group on the regional fire protection work. Jilin Cultural Investment Group has been concerned about the construction of fire forces and has made dozens of visits to fire fighters within the past five years, deeply expressing the love and respect for the vast number of fire fighters. The cooperation between the police and the people is a kind of feeling, also a kind of responsibility. In the future, with the guide of the brilliant thoughts of new era, in the glorious journey of the assistant to the motherland, Jilin Cultural Investment Group will be consistent to build solidarity with the station troops, and have mutual affinity with the fire fighters, taking up the mission and responsibility of new-era resident enterprises, striving for the good life and future of people.