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Self-respect, Confidence, Rationality, Composure, Positivity
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- Jilin Cultural Investment Group Conducts “Improve Occupational Qualities, Accumulate Positive Energy” Large-scale Management Training

Morality is the wind indicator of the spirit at the age, and attitude is the barometer of cultural construction. In order to nurture a positive and enterprising corporate culture, stimulate employees’ satisfaction, accumulate positive energy, and fulfill “fostering self-respect, confidence, rationality, composure and positivity” in the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Jilin Cultural Investment Group comprehensively carried out one-day “Improve Occupational Qualities, Accumulate Positive Energy” large-scale management training on April 1. Employees from each branch of Jilin Cultural Investment Group all over the country, totaling up to about 1,000, attended the meeting via video conference system.

That day, the group specifically invited psychology professor in School of Sociology of Jilin University, National Grade-2 Psychology Consulting Appraisal Expert, Dr. Li Zhaoliang carried out training for the employees. Each training session was in order. All employees are professional, self-disciplined, passionate and devoted.

In the training, Dr. Li profoundly analyzed various factors leading to modern people’s “sadness” and the pressure that they are confronted with, vividly expounded on the implications of positive attitude and energy for one’s career and realization of one’s values, interpreted five elements of happiness and 13 classic formulas that could improve happiness, explained “Triology to Happiness” for all employees, advocated “learning more, reading more, cultivating perseverance, and being a positive person in Jilin Cultural Investment”.

He gave a lot of splendid words in class. “From-bottom-heart smile”; “Happiness is a kind of ability and a positive attitude”; “Be a positive person and set up a positive interpersonal relationship, realize a positive life with a positive attitude and positive actions”. These benefited all employees. On-site interactions greatly improved training effects, and facilitated employees’ mastery of relevant knowledge. Besides, employees absorbed knowledge, released pressure, boosted friendship, enhanced occupational qualities, and accumulated positive energy in a joyful and enterprising atmosphere. After the training, all employees passed the test, which further consolidated contents and essence of the training.

President and CEO of Jilin Cultural Investment Group, Zhang Ziyi attached great importance to the training. He always encourages employees to be “life-long learning” young people. He particularly stressed the importance of chief leaders’ management of training that day so as to help employees improve occupational qualities, break through their internal restrictions, and give play to their efficiency in working.

Since the establishment, Jilin Cultural Investment Group has regarded every employee as the most precious resource. The company always motivates every employee with “morality of candidness and mutual trust, spirit of development orientation, attitude of devotedness and dedication, awareness of innovation and inclusiveness of benevolence and gratitude”. Furthermore, the company spends a lot inviting top training experts in various fields to provide training for employee and gives employees numerous opportunities to receive training outside so as to enhance corporate cohesion, improve employees’ occupational qualities, and foster their outstanding personality. What one has learned contributes his character. Now, Jilin Cultural Investment Group has facilitated all employees to construct a psychology system “self-respect, confidence, rationality, composure and positivity” and cultivate a number of vigorous, positive successful young people who can devote to working with a positive and satisfactory attitude, treat life with a positive mental state, regard career as a process of learning, take profession with great devotion, and give play to huge efficiency in realizing the great cause of national cultural prosperity at the new age of socialism on the path to realizing Chinese dream of rejuvenation.