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Jilin Culture Investment Group Signed with Economics Department from Jilin University of Finance and Economics for Cooperation
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In order to promote colleges and universities to cultivate more talents, to set up a high-end talent reserve bank for enterprises, and to create a cooperative model for the joint development of schools and enterprises, on April 25, Jilin Culture Investment Group held a ceremony of signing “JCICL’s Scholarship of Excellence” with Economics Department from Jilin University of Finance and Economics.

On the afternoon of the day, Dean Gao Guanzhong, Deputy Dean Zhang Hongmei, and other officers of Economics Department from Jilin University of Finance and Economics, 9 people in total, visited the Group. Zhang Ziyi, the Chairman and CEO of the Group, together with Gong Pengcheng, the president of Group’s Financial Management Division, Gao Wei, the deputy party secretary of the Group, and some management graduated from Jilin University of Finance and Economics warmly received them. The two sides held a forum to conduct extensive exchanges and sincere negotiations on mutual assistance and cooperation in the future.

In the discussion, Chairman Zhang Ziyi welcomed the officers of Economics Department from Jilin University of Finance and Economics to the Group, and thanked the school for cultivating many outstanding talents for the Group. The Group never forgets to repay the society while keeping development. It has made outstanding contributions in the field of public welfare, culture and cultural relic protection in the past few years, and has been highly valued by the society. Group’s management and employees are steadfast and dedicated, pragmatic and enterprising, showing results achieved by the enterprise. In the development, the Group not only supports local economic development, but also pays more attention to the progress of education. The establishment of“JCICL’s Scholarship of Excellence” for Economics Department from Jilin University of Finance and Economics, is only a starting point for cooperation between the two sides. In the future, the Group will carry out more detailed and intensive communication with the College, give more supports to school education through the development of enterprise, and then cultivate more outstanding talents for the society.

Dean Gao Guanzhong congratulated the Group for its outstanding achievements in less than six years, and expressed sincere thanks for the Group’s financial support to the College. He said that, "the Group’s sense of responsibility and mission makes us moved; the Group’s firm measure of cultivating talents is worthy of our respect; the Group’s management team is so excellent and young that they are worth learning from." He also said that, the College will work harder to cultivate talents, give more students the opportunity to practice and grow in such a good company, and hope to work together in more fields in the future.

Subsequently, the two sides held a brief signing ceremony. After signing the contract, Chairman Zhang Ziyi and Dean Gao Guanzhong cordially shook hands, and said in good faith that, in addition to the scholarship, the Group will also give support to the College in teaching aids, sporting goods, books, and others in the future, invite students to participate in large-scale activities and promote students to grow up in social practice. Dean Gao Guanzhong cordially invited Chairman Zhang Ziyi to visit the College recently to give in-depth guidance to teachers and students regarding economic development and entrepreneurial innovation.

Finally, Chairman Zhang Ziyi signed and presented his book, Chinese Living Style II, to the guests, which was highly acclaimed by teachers and students.

Since its establishment, the Group has been committed to cooperating with colleges and universities throughout the country, actively promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific research achievements, and building employment platforms for school students. It has worked with Jilin University, Changchun University of Technology, Jilin Construction University, Changchun University, Northeast Normal University and other schools for strategic cooperation to promote the development of the Group's various business sectors, and also to help the Province's culture, tourism, environmental protection, scientific and technological growth and progress. This time of signing sets off a new chapter of cooperation between schools and enterprises! In the future, the Group will closely communicate with the Economics Department from Jilin University of Finance and Economics, give full play to the role of "JCICL’s Scholarship of Excellence" to subsidize students with advanced thinking, high moral character and outstanding specialties, create cooperation in various fields, cultivate more excellent talents for the society, and make greater contribution to the development of the motherland's education.