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The 9th China - US Business Summit Opened in Los Angeles, and Chairman Zhang Ziyi Won Prestigious Awards
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On April 29th, L.A. time, the 9th China - US Business Summit opened at the Millennium Hotel in Los Angeles. Zhao Meixin, an American Congresswoman, Bob Huff, the founder of Harvard Think-Tank, Bruce Thompson, the Honorary President of the Summit, Shen Qun, the President of the Summit, Professor Li Jianan from the American Academy of Medical Sciences, Guy Djoken, the President of UNESCO Peace Center, and a group of L.A. elected officials came to the scene and attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Zhang Ziyi, the Chairman and CEO of JCICL and the President of Jilin Branch under China - US Business Summit, and Chen Xi, the Secretary of JCICL’s Party Committee and the Vice President of Jilin Branch under China - US Business Summit were invited to the meeting. At the meeting, Chairman Zhang Ziyi won the honorable titles as “The Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Person of the Year” for 2017. Secretary Chen Xi was awarded the title “Person of the Year” for 2017.

China - US Business Summit is an annual gathering of business circles in china and US, aimed at setting up a platform for exchanges and cooperation between US and China, providing business opportunities in a new pattern of international economic change, and providing comprehensive services for cooperation between Chinese and US enterprises and entrepreneurs. Since the last winter to this spring, the relationship between US and China have entered a new historical stage, and trade frictions have raised concerns about the future of the relationship. However, the common interests between the two countries far outweigh the conflicts. Today's US and China have formed a community of common interests. Under such new international situation, China and US share common interests on many major global and regional issues, with a broad basis for cooperation. The prospects for economic and business cooperation between the two countries are even more limitless. It is against such background that the 9th China-US Business Summit was held as scheduled.

The summit involves three major thematic forums, i.e., China-US Investment Strategy Forum, China-US Film and Television Forum, and China-US Real Estate Forum. Previously, the Chinese entrepreneurs who attended the meeting had flied directly to Boston to attend the special seminar "Training on Entrepreneurial Leadership", which was specially designed at Harvard University. On May 1, these entrepreneurs will also move to Silicon Valley to attend the 3rd Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival jointly hosted by Hanhai Holding Group, Silicon Valley Innovation Channel-Ding Ding TV and the China - US Business Summit.

As an important guest at the China - US Business Summit, Zhang Ziyi, the Chairman and CEO of JCICL, has played an active role for a long time in setting up a platform for promoting exchanges between Chinese and American enterprises, providing opportunities for cultural, educational and showings cooperation between the two countries. On March 17, 2018, with the trust and support from the General Assembly of China-US Business Summit, the Jilin Branch of China-US Business Summit was formally established, with Chairman Zhang Ziyi as the President of the Jilin Branch. To accurately inherit the purpose of the Summit, actively carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurship, and full play to the role of Jilin Branch, Mr. Zhang Ziyi spared no effort to open up the international market and continuously deepen the interests of business cooperation among all parties. As a result, enterprises have gradually increased for international cooperation through the platform of Jilin Branch.

For Chairman Zhang Ziyi’s outstanding contributions to China-US cultural exchanges over the past year, the organizing committee of the 9th China-US Business Summit in 2018 specially awarded Chairman Zhang Ziyi the titles “The Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Person of the Year” for 2017, showing sincerely thanks to his strong support for the development of the China-US Business Summit. At the meeting, Zhao Meixin, an American Congresswoman, personally presented the award to Chairman Zhang Ziyi. Also, another guest presented the award “Person of the Year” for 2017 to Secretary Chen Xi.

At this summit, Chairman Zhang Ziyi also held in-depth discussions with Ms. Zhang Manjun, the former Vice Secretary of US Department of Education, and many other distinguished guests on relevant contents in education, culture and other fields of the two countries. The exchange has fully demonstrated the profound cultural literacy as well as foresight and decisive judgment of an outstanding Chinese entrepreneur.

The honorable awards to Chairman Zhang Ziyi at the summit embodied his achievements in cultural industry, the practice of entrepreneurship and innovative development for many years. He once said: "during the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Chinese entrepreneurs have had a better and better environment, their innovative spirit had been increasingly respected, and their dreams of starting a business and creating wealth also had a chance to come true. In such a new era, even on the most barren land, precision power can produce the sweetest fruit, if only you never give up". It is just such outstanding entrepreneurial spirit that supports chairman Zhang Ziyi to the international stage.

In the future, Chairman Zhang Ziyi will work together with many entrepreneurs to make greater progress in international cooperation, shining the spirit of Chinese entrepreneurship on the international stage, and contributing the strength of Chinese entrepreneurs to the construction of a new China-US relationship.