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The Protective Action of Chinese Mergansers Started up by Jilin Province - It will Continue till 2030
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On September 27th, the reporter got the news that Jilin Province started up the protective action of Chinese mergansers, which will be implemented in Changbai Mountain till 2030 from the news conference of the “Protective Action of Chinese Mergansers” held by the Information Office of the People’s Government of Jilin Province.

 The protective action of Chinese mergansers in Jilin Province is a protection act of endangered species organized by the forestry department of Jilin province, supported by forest authorities at various levels in cooperation and led by the Wildlife Conservation Association of Jilin Province. Jilin Cultural Investment Group, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), and relevant colleges, research institutes and nature reserves in the province co-participate in it. This is another special action to protect endangered wildlife after the white cranes and the northeast tigers and leopards for Jilin. 

Chinese mergansers are the relict species in the third season glacial period, and they have survived for more than 10 million years until now. Its breeding and distribution range is not wide, and the number of Chinese mergansers is rare. It was called “the living fossil in water and the panda among birds. The world has about 2,000 pairs of Chinese mergansers. Chinese mergansers belong to the national first class protected animals and they are the global endangered species recorded in the Redbook of International Endangered Species by the World Conservation Union for Nature, and listed in the Directory of Endangered Birds by the International Birds Protection Committee. They are very picky about the living environment, and like to perch and forage in clear and unpolluted waters in which water flows gently and prefer to nest in a tree hole naturally formed on tall trees in the forest. The species can become an important symbol that indicates or measures the ecological environment and the ecologic system. Jilin province has made great efforts in the protection of endangered wildlife including Chinese mergansers over the years, and achieved significant results. It implemented the measures such as all-round hunting forbidding, severely cracking down on poaching and illegal trafficking of wild animals and their products, etc. to protect endangered wildlife. In addition, it constructed nature reserves, providing refuges for endangered wildlife including Chinese mergansers. Jilin province has built 43 nature reserves, among which some nature reserves targeting Chinese mergansers such as Yuanchi Wetland Nature Reserve, and Toudao Songhua River Upstream Nature Reserve, etc. belong to the national nature reserves approved by the State Council. Economic compensation was given for the personal and property damages caused by the key wild animals under protection including Northeast Tigers, Leopards, Chinese mergansers, etc., so as to relieve the contradiction between humanity and wildlife. The entire province paid compensation of RMB 150 million in total for the personal and property damages caused wildlife. Through years of effective protection, the population of Chinese mergansers in Jilin has increased. The field investigation on Chinese mergansers in Jilin shows that there are about 190 pairs of breeding Chinese mergansers in Changbai Mountain. These breeding populations mainly distribute in Erdaobaihe, Hun River, Toudao Songhua River, Erdao Songhua River, Fuer River, Hongqi River, and Songjiang River, etc. 

 The target of the protective action of Chinese mergansers in Jilin is taking the activities of protecting the habitats and improving their environment quality, and restoring and increasing the species as the main line. It should promote the agglomeration of the factors including government, enterprises, universities, research institutions, and social organizations, etc. and focuses on the protection of wild resources for Chinese mergansers. By 2025, the fragmentation situation of habitats for Chinese mergansers should be changed or improved effectively, the area of the survival environment suitable for breeding should be increased obviously, and the number of breeding population should be more than 300 pairs. By 2030, the breeding population shall be more than 400 pairs, effectively relieving the endangered status of Chinese mergansers. 

 Key tasks for the protective action of Chinese mergansers in Jilin: 

1. Investigate and know the local resources, and prepare the Act Plans for Protecting Chinese Mergansers in Jilin Province. Jilin should coordinate and organize colleges, research institutes, and related technical units to develop the investigation of resources for Chinese mergansers and population monitoring in Changbai Mountain, so as to learn about the local resources, to identify the current situation of the habitat and population of Chinese mergansers. Based on this, it should give the list of problems, scientifically analyze the causes, and ascertain key protection areas. At last, it should prepare and implement the Act Plan for Protecting Chinese Mergansers according to the above data and the recovery demands of Chinese mergansers habitats and population. 

 2. Implement scientific protective measures to promote the recovery of habitats for Chinese mergansers and its population. Protective measures: (1) Taking advantage of the good opportunity of all-round banning on disafforesting of natural forests in Changbai Mountain and regional ecological restoration, it should establish monitoring and protection stations to master the dynamic information of resources for Chinese mergansers and to increase the effective protection area of Chinese merganser wild population. (2) Adopting engineering measures, it should implement the overall ecological treatment for the feeding sites and nesting sites of Chinese mergansers to restore the habitats, and to create the environment suitable for perching of Chinese mergansers, thus satisfying their demands for the living and breeding environment. (3) Carry out artificial protection projects including setting artificial nest boxes to increase the nests required for breeding of Chinese mergansers. (4) Prevent and control the natural enemies affecting the breeding of Chinese mergansers to improve the rate in successfully breeding of Chinese mergansers. (5) Forestry administrative departments at all levels shall be liable for the protection of Chinese mergansers within the jurisdiction, implement the responsibilities in management and protection, strengthen the supervision on law enforcement, and establish and improve the reporting system. For the problems that the public reports and volunteers reflect, they should carefully investigate and seriously handle, and give feedback on law enforcement to the public. (6) At the same time, these departments should positively organize social forces to carry out the activities of removing the tools for hunting wild animals including bird nets, hunting sleeves, so as to reduce the damages to Chinese mergansers. (7) Strengthen the monitoring on tourism activities. New tourism projects such as nature reserves, forest parks and forest tourist attractions are forbidden to be developed in the areas where Chinese mergansers mainly distribute. In regard to the established projects, the developer should stop operation and research the gradual withdrawal plan, so as to reduce the interference on the Chinese merganser population activity to a great extent. 

3. Widely publicize and mobilize all sectors of the society to positively take part in the action of protecting Chinese mergansers. Forestry authorities at all levels should continue to carry out publicity and education activities such as “week of loving birds”, and “month of promoting the protection for wildlife”, etc. in depth, fully utilize news media including the radio, television, newspapers, and internet, etc. to publicize the related laws and provisions including the Wildlife Protection Act of the People’s Republic of China, so as to promote the improvement of the protection awareness of the whole society and form a good atmosphere of paying attention to the protection of wild animals such as Chinese mergansers. 

 4. Develop the exchanges and cooperation on the protection of Chinese mergansers between China and foreign countries, and implement cross-provincial and cross-border joint protection. Jilin should share advanced principles, and experience and technologies through the project cooperation, forums and seminars, etc., constantly improving the administrative capability and level to protect Chinese mergansers.

 Main working contents of the protective act of Chinese mergansers in recent years include (1) Develop publicity and education activities in depth to improve the protection awareness of all Chinese people. (2) Carry out the investigation on the local resources for Chinese mergansers to master the population’s resource status and dynamic changing trends, which can provide technological support for the protection act. (3) Continue to implement the activities of all-round banning on hunting and joint enforcement and inspection, positively promote local governments to fulfill the liabilities in the protection act of Chinese mergansers, resolutely curb illegal activities such as illegal hunting, as well as poisoning and killing birds, etc. (4) Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and jointly hold the “International Seminar on the Protection of Chinese Mergansers in Changbai Mountain of China” in cooperation with international organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, and relevant research institutes in the province. (5) Positively strive for social financial support. In addition to getting the national capital investment in the protection act of Chinese mergansers, it also should strive for social capital support. At present, Jilin Cultural Investment Group donated RMB 1 million to the protection for endangered species including Chinese mergansers, and promised to donate RMB 1 million each year to support the protection for endangered species including Chinese mergansers in the next 10 years. Jilin Cultural Investment Group in the steady and rapid development never forgets its original aspiration, giving back to the society, sparing no effort to actively participate in the public welfare activities. And the enterprise donated RMB 40 million in total to the public business by 2018, making a great contribution to the social public business.

In the aspect of ecological protection, the group actively participated in the special act of protecting Chinese mergansers. Gao Wei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Jilin Cultural Investment Group and secretary general of Jilin Provincial Cultural Investment Public Welfare Foundation, donated RMB 1 million Yuan to Jilin Provincial Wildlife Conservation Association on behalf of Jilin Cultural Investment Group as the special fund for protecting endangered species such as Chinese merganser, northeast tigers and leopards, etc. at the launching ceremony of 2018 Jilin Event of “Loving Birds Week” and The Special Act on Protection of Chinese Mergansers jointly cooperated by the Jilin Provincial Forestry Department, the Jilin Wildlife Conservation Association, the Changbai Mountain Management Committee and Jilin Cultural Investment Group, which fully demonstrates the corporate social responsibility and practical measures on the public welfare road of caring for wildlife, as well as its support to the work of the Jilin Wildlife Conservation Association.

At the scene of the event, the volunteers of loving birds and protecting flying issued the initial of “loving birds and protecting flying” to the whole society, and initiated that “the whole society should take acts, and social groups should work together to protect birds, to build harmonious and beautiful Changbai Mountain with singing birds and fragrant flowers. Zhang Ziyi, Chairman of the Jilin Province Wildlife Conservation Association and Chairman & CEO of Jilin Cultural Investment Group, solemnly presented the volunteers with a flag, and proposed that let us take positive action to promote the awareness of civilization, advocate green concepts, establish ecological ethics, and make birds loving and protecting become a virtue, a habit and a custom, and that we also should make greater contributions for the construction of new beautiful China and global ecological safety.