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Celebrating the 69th birthday of the motherland, “The Singing Heart—Li Shuangjiang’s Teacher-student Concert” Ending Perfectly in Beijing!
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“The Singing Heart—Li Shuangjiang’s Teacher-student Concert” held by the Chinese Culture Promotion Association and undertaken by Jilin Cultural Investment Group ended perfectly in the Beijing Concert Hall at the evening on October 4, 2018. Teacher Li Shuangjiang and his students sang a lot of classic songs such as An Ode to Beijing, Thinking of Premier Zhou's Spinning Line, Where There Is no Strong Motherland, There Is not a Happy Home, Two Feet on the Road to Happiness, Taking a Camel to Send Food for the Military, I Love Wusih Mountain, I Love Yangquan River, A Night On the Grassland, The Second Home of the Soldiers, The Newly-written Girl from Dagan City, Goodbye, Mom, Boatmen’s Songs, and Red Star Lights My Way to the Battlefield, etc. in the form of solo and ensemble of males and females, which made the audiences in Beijing feel the power of the motherland and grateful for a happy life while re-enjoying the classic. 

 On the National Day, Mr. Zhang Ziyi, Chairman and CEO of Jilin Cultural Investment Group, came to the scene to enjoy the concert and spent a happy holiday with the audience from all walks of life. 

professor Li Shuangjiang performed together with his 20 students (such as Jiao Nini, Zheng Yingjuan, Yang Yanting, Yun Lu, Xia Mili, Wei Jindong, Liang Zhaojin, and Yu Shuang, etc.) in the concert. Students, from the perspective of the younger generation, sang classic songs of Li Shuangjiang. Every song is classic and beautiful. The audience sang in unison, and the patriotic enthusiasm was high.

The soft piano sounds reproduced clear Wanquan River, the brisk accordion music represented the honesty of the soldiers who defended the country, and the tambourine performance with exotic characteristics made people sigh with emotion and admiration that the motherland’s territory is so vast. When professor Li Shuangjiang sang the song of Goodbye, Mom, the audiences on the scene was moved, full of tears owing to his skillful singing and affectionate interpretation. Teacher Xia Mili’s song Newly-written Girl from Daban City made the atmosphere on the scene active. Dancing and singing make the audience feel the beauty of rivers and mountains of the motherland and the enthusiasm of the people from Xinjiang.

These songs before half a century praise the party and the army, the motherland and the people, labor and life, and youth and love! Each song is closely connected to the history, and has a moving story. It is full of distinctive characteristics of the times. Due to the vivid performance of Li Shuangjiang and his students, these songs were endowed with the fragrance of the times.

Blessings resound through the land of China, and songs praise the glory of the times! “The Singing Heart—Li Shuangjiang’s Teacher-student Concert” ended perfectly in the warm applause of the audience in Beijing. At the end of the concert, Jilin Cultural Investment Group expressed its sincere blessings to the Great China and initial heart to spread classic culture again. In the future, Jilin Cultural Investment Group will continue to express aspiration by culture, show feelings with songs, enrich the public's life in new form of recreational activities, and make the dreams in the new times a reality. On the country’s celebration, Jilin Cultural Investment Group wished the motherland a happy 69th birthday, and blessed our country with peace, healthy people and prosperity!