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JCICL is identified as AAA Grade Credit Enterprise
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On September 25, 2018, according to the Administrative Measures for Evaluation of Enterprise Credit Rating, JCICL was identified as AAA Grade Credit Enterprise by China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association, and awarded the Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate after reviewed by the Enterprise Credit Rating Committee. Certificate number: 201804201110849.

 Credit rating is a classification that the Credit Evaluation Institution divides enterprise credit rating according to the result of enterprise credit rating, and it reflects the level of enterprise credit rating. The credit evaluation and classification of Chinese enterprises are generally divided into three grades, that is, AAA, AA and A grades. JCICL has obtained AAA Grade which is the highest score in enterprise credit rating evaluation. AAA Grade enterprises have high credit level, strong contract performance ability, excellent credit record, good management condition, strong profitability and broad development prospects.

 In order to improve enterprise credit system, strengthen the enterprise self-regulation and enhance the market competitiveness, JCICL voluntarily requested for participating in the enterprises credit rating evaluation of China Enterprise Confederation. Lasted nearly five months, JCICL has completed the “Enterprise Credit Rating Reporting Process of China Enterprise Confederation” in accordance with the content of “Basic Credit Capacity, Economic Solvency, Social Credit Records, Management and Competition, Integrity and Credit Management”. After reviewing more than 30 qualification certificates in 9 categories and strict check of experts, China Enterprise Confederation has confirmed that all the certification statement, data and materials submitted by JCICL are of authenticity, legality and validity and finally recognized the enterprise as AAA Grade credit enterprise. These nine categories of more than thirty qualification certificates are respectively “Annual Inspection Business License, Organization Code Certificate, Tax Registration Certificate and Registered Capital Verification Report; Membership Certificate, the Audit Report of the Financial Report (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement) audited by accounting firm during the latest three years; relative Business License or Compulsory Certification; organizational structure and related systems of the company; trademark, patent, Qualification License, new product appraisal, Science and Technology Progress Award, Product Exemption Certificate and product honor obtained in the past three years; market positioning of the product and development strategy; Management System Certification, Credit Grade Certificate and social honors, etc.

 The honor of “AAA Grade Credit Enterprise” is highly recognized and evaluated by industry, and is a great honor in the development of enterprises. JCICL acknowledges the trust, encouragement and inspiring from industrial organization. In the future, apart from protecting and cherishing the honor, the enterprise will make great contributions to develop the economy of Jilin Province with the enterprise spirit of patriotism, legal compliance and hardworking, the character of innovation, improving quality, pursuing excellent, and the enterprise concept of performance of responsibilities, social services and daring to bear. Our enterprise will make our efforts to develop brand based on honesty and regard honesty as the cornerstone to promote the growth of the enterprise.