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"Cultural Programs for the People Full of Joy": Jilin Cultural Investment Group’s Opera Road Show -- Opening in Shuangliao!
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Culture benefits the people regardless of wind or rain. Despite the continuous autumn rain and the lowest temperature since autumn, Opera Road Show made the people of Shuangliao full of enthusiasm, and deeply felt the sincerity and enthusiasm of Jilin Cultural Investment Group in delivering culture to the masses! At 13:30 of October 10th, "Cultural Programs for the People Full of Joy" hosted by Jilin Daily Press Group and Jilin TV and organized by Jilin Cultural Investment Group and Jilin Dongfeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which made an opera road show in eight cities of the province, started the third road tour in Namu Village, Namu Town, Shuangliao.

 The show kicked off in a graceful dance Flourishing Age & Beautiful Chapter. Subsequently, a traditional opera Dream of the Royal Family brought the audience to a strong opera atmosphere. A unique Erren Zhuan Separating Bricks in the Air, performed by Yang Yang and Ke Xin, was exciting and showed superb skills, and thus won a burst of hand-clapping from the audience. All the shows on the stage were full of local flavor and cultural flavor, and suited both the refined and the common people. 

The rich and colorful performance, the warm and unrestrained dance, the bright and clangorous sings, all fully showed enthusiasm, simplicity, high spirit and energy of Northeast culture and art. Familiar songs expressed peasants hope for life, and expressive dance conveyed the peasants' love for the black land in Northeast China. The spirit of the theme “Cultural Programs for the People Full of Joy” was also fully reflected in the wonderful show. On-site leaders said, “The Northeast “Erren Zhuan” has deep influence among the masses, and it can be said that Erren Zhuan can best reflect the northeast toilers’ pursuit of life and beauty”. 

This road tour was an in-depth implementation of Jilin Cultural Investment Group's mission “focusing on the dissemination and inheritance of cultural industry” enterprise! The event made positive efforts for the cultural reform and development of Jilin Province, the prosperity of Jilin cultural undertakings and cultural industry, and the improvement of Jilin cultural soft power. Culture is originated from the people, and should also benefit the people. Jilin Cultural Investment Group clearly knows the power of culture. In the future, it will continue to resonate with national policies, hand in hand with artists, and make a more wonderful cultural feast for the people. 

Joy continues, and wonderfulness never ceases. At 14 of October 14, let’s meet at Red Flag Theater, Longshan District, Liaoyuan City!