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The Show Tour Themed on "Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys" of the Three Cities are Linked Together, and the Late Autumn is Warmed
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The show tour activity themed on "Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys" sponsored by Jilin Daily Newspaper Group and Jilin TV and undertaken by Jilin Cultural Investment Group and Jilin Northeast Wind Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has been staged successively in five cities of our province, which is loved by the masses everywhere. In recent days, the activity will continue to be carried out in Yanbian, Baishan and Tonghua to pass on the culture and happiness!

 The programs in this tour make people feel refreshing, there are famous opera actors, who will present the wonderful tracks of traditional opera for the audience, and there are also pop songs & hot dances and the unique technique of couple dance opera brought by Northeast Wind Song and Dance Troupe, the programs are lively and novel, and the audience have responded enthusiastically!

The northeast couple dance opera is very popular in the northeast region, which is a folk art with strong local color, and it has a development history of more than 300 years by now. It is deeply loved by the northeast people, especially the vast farmers, for a long time. Its singing language is easy to understand, humorous and funny, which is full of life atmosphere. The performance form and singing tune of the couple dance opera are very rich, and there is a saying goes in the folk that "rather to give up one meal than the couple dance opera", which has shown the influence of the couple dance opera among the masses. It can be said that the couple dance opera can best reflect the northeast working people's pursuit of art and beauty.

In this tour, the actors strive to achieve "good singing, graceful dance, funny teasing, lifelike show and exquisite technique" in the performance, with the integration of five skills and the appreciation of elegance and popularity.

Jilin Cultural Investment Group actively carries forward the spirit of the times, closely follows the pulse of cultural development, and promotes the construction of rural culture. This activity is themed on "Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys", it spreads the characteristic art of black land in the form of "play performance", which has carefully created a cultural event one after another. It spreads the cultural atmosphere of "health, humor and wit" of the northeast opera to thousands of households, which let the charm of culture infects the grassroots people and enrich the spiritual life of the masses.

Benefaction to people by culture, and warm the late autumn with enthusiasm! On the afternoon of October 22nd, we will get together in Yanbian again, listen to the classic operas together, and feel the continuation of happiness together!