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Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys -- the sixth-station show tour of Jilin Cultural Investment Group is inaugurated in Yanji!
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Since nearly one month, the eight-city show tour activity of "Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys " has been vivid and dramatic in eight provincial cities. October 22 13:30 the sixth-station show tour of Jilin Cultural Investment Group was inaugurated splendidly in the theatre on third floor of Yanji Jindal International Convention Center. 

 The performance focused on the traditional opera art in the Northeast China and blended the modern art essence, which is unusually brilliant indeed. The passionate Yanjin audiences occupied all seats of theatre, with thunderous applause. The dance on site was beautiful with the glorious and dazzling effect, plus the emerging performance style of the unique "four work and one hotdogging", namely "speak, sing, play, dance and stunt", the tour site was deeply loved by Yanji audiences.

 The performance started from the prelude of opening dance Article about False Peace. Later, Drama, songs and dances, the Couple Dance Opera unique technique and other programs came to the stage one by one, and the audiences on site were attracted by the wonderful story, dynamic music and lithe and graceful dancing posture. When actors Xiao Bo and Xiao Ping sang traditional play Royalty Dream in antiphonal style, the touching rhyming penetrated the stage and arrived at the heart of all audiences, and audiences instantly gave the warmest applause to the performance level of tour team. The performance for over two hours presented the warmth and honesty of the northeast culture and art, and fully expressed the crowd's devotion to black soil and the hope to happy life.

 For the purpose of responding the "strategy of rural vitalization" of General Secretary Xi Jinping better, promoting the construction of outstanding traditional culture in rural area, widely carrying out the grass-roots cultural activity and making the Couple Dance Opera immortal as folk art flower, during "the fifth Jilin Province Citizen Culture Festival", Jilin Cultural Investment Group proactively undertook the provincial show tour activity of "Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys " which devotes to propagating the traditional culture in Northeast China with "new era, new image, new style and new connotation", sets up the communication platform with audiences by using the originally ecological the Couple Dance Opera art with "true quality, feature and greenness", strengthens the interaction between the masses and cultural field and promotes the inheritance and development of characteristic culture in Northeast China, offering many witty, humorous, novel and harmonious cultural feast to the general audiences.

Next, the seventh-station series show tour activity of "Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys " will be carried out in Tonghua City, so let's continue happiness and help happy Jilin life!