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Jilin Cultural Investment Group’s Opera Performances Tour “Benefit People by Culture and Go Forward with Joy” Is Launched Pleasantly in Tonghua Statio
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It’s cold in late autumn and everywhere is covered with blowing snow. On October 30th, the opera performances tour group themed on “benefiting people by culture and go forward with joy” launches the performance in Tonghua which is the seventh station after a heavy snow in late autumn.

The tour is held in the studio of Television Building in Tonghua City and the performance integrates all kinds of programs together, such as folk dance, modern dance, couple dance opera, acrobatics and so on. The actors participating in performances are from the Northeast Customs’ Song and Dance Troupe. As an excellent private artistic performance group in Jilin Province, the Northeast Customs’ Song and Dance Troupe is honored as a flag and brand of folk couple dance opera in the Northeast region. In the process of the tour activity in eight cities, the actors such as Xiaobo, Xiaoping, Feng Ke, Lin Zitong, etc. are well-loved by spectators.

 With spectators taking their seats, the performance is started with the hot dance Excellent Chapter in Flourishing Age performed by the Northeast Customs’ Song and Dance Troupe. In the following time, the dance Making the Spring and the modern dance Live Well with Passion promote the atmosphere of the activity. After that, Feng Ke and Lin Zitong come on stage and they perform the couple dance opera Speech, Mimicry, Comedy and Song and make the whole performances reach to the boiling point and are highly praised by spectators. In this performance, the programs arranged are very rich, the stage effect is electrifying, the applause of spectators is constantly and a sea of passion was formed together both on and off stage. The enthusiasm and praise of spectators are the best reward for dedicated performance of actors.

 Couple dance opera is a comparatively remarkable cultural type in northeast folk culture and it can be said to be the guide of development of northeast cultural industry. Based on the province, Jilin Cultural Investment Group radiates across the country and it is committed to the transmission and inheritance of cultural industry. By virtue of the series of tour activities themed on “benefiting people by culture and go forward with joy”, this performance spreads northeast local culture, makes grass roots exposed to the long cultural foundation, unique national customs and fresh artistic forms in Jilin Province and deeply disseminates them among those people, and delivers rich culture and tremendous joy to grass roots.