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Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys---- The Eight Cities Show Tour of Jilin Cultural Investment Group is Successfully Ended!
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At 13:30 on November 3, the provincial eight-city show tour activity themed on "Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys" sponsored by Jilin Daily Newspaper Group and Jilin TV and undertaken by Jilin Cultural Investment Group and Jilin Northeast Wind Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was successfully ended at the university town auditorium of Changbaishan Vocational Technical College! 

On that day, all seats were occupied at the scene. The programs were rich, the performances were wonderful, and the traditional opera, the unique technique of couple dance opera, the passionate and hot dances and the heart-touching songs were staged in succession. The programs were with strong regional color and full of artistic appeal, which had a strong mass base and deeply loved by the masses. On the afternoon of that day, the atmosphere of the whole theater was warm and cheerful, and the audience applauded repeatedly, pushing the performance to a climax time after time.

The show tour began in September, which had been carried out successively in Songyuan, Baicheng, Shuangliao, Liaoyuan, Jilin, Yanji, Tonghua and Baishan of Jilin province, each performance was vivid and colorful, and it was warmly praised by the local people. The show tour was played in eight cities, and each performance was a growth for the performing career of the actors. On that day, the two-hour performance was short for both the audience and the actors, the actors did not perform enough and the audience did not watch enough. The actors came to the stage for the curtain call and were reluctant to leave, and the audience applauded with anticipation. All through the way, the actors passed on the essence of northeast opera, folk dance and oral literature to the vast audience, giving everyone a great sense of physical and mental enjoyment. Throughout the show tour, the actors showed their passion, simplicity and uplifting spirit of northeast culture and art, keeping the flower of art in this black land of northeast China in bloom.

This "Benefaction to People by Culture, and Along with Joys" eight-city show tour activity is a demonstration and communication of traditional opera culture in northeast China, and it is also another practice for Jilin Cultural Investment Group to conform to the needs of the times, reflect the spirit of the times, carry forward the theme of the times and promote the construction of rural culture.、

On the road of "Benefaction to People by Culture", Jilin Cultural Investment Group has achieved remarkable results over the years. In order to enrich the spiritual life of the public, a number of theatrical performances were held, allowing more people to enter the theater and enjoy a cultural feast. Only in 2018, the group has enjoyed the achievement of advanced arts and cultural development together with the public in multiple forms of activities, such as "Cai Qin-New Endless Love Jilin Concert", "Song of the Heart-Concert of Li Shuangjiang and His Students" national tour, "Jinlin News-Expert Forum of Cultural Investment Group" lecture by Yu Qiuyu, Fan Gang, Bai Yansong, Qian Wenzhong and Ma Weidou, "Jilin Cultural Investment Group National Fitness Series Activities"-"Jilin Square Dance Competition", "Jilin Martial Arts Competition for All People", etc.

 In the future, Jilin Cultural Investment Group will continue to forge ahead on the road of cultural transmission, enhance the strength of benefaction to people by culture in more diversified forms, expand the coverage of dissemination, and make the steps of cultural inheritance more solid and powerful!