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JCICL Establishes the Employee Affairs Office
Source:   Updated:Dec,24,2018   Hits:19

Recently, the Board of Directors of JCICL formally established the Employee Affairs Office of JCICL based on the purpose of serving employees wholeheartedly, infecting employees with tenderness, cohesing employees with warmth to enhance their sense of identity and belongings to the Group.

The Employee Affairs Office serves all employees of the Group headquarter and its subordinate companies. As long as employees need assistance, the Office will do its best to coordinate and solve their problems no matter regarding their work or family affairs, their personal career planning or working soft environment.

The Employee Affairs Office has a variety of communication channels available for conveniently communication, such as hotline 95179, mailbox, Group OA work network, face-to-face conversation, and emergency communication telephone (Wechat), etc., to offer a smooth and convenient service channel to ensure that every employee's worries can be timely solved.

The Employee Affairs Office adopts a warm way of dealing with relevant consultations and problems. Firstly, the employee's needs will be sorted out, the relevant departments of the internal coordination group or the board of directors will help solve the problem, and the processing progress will be timely feedback to the employee in need to be registered and archived. Then, general work issues will be publicized on OA. Meanwhile, the relevant information will be kept confidential.

Since its establishment, the Employee Affairs Office has received the support and embrace of all the members of the Group. On December 18, the Employee Affairs Office received a call from an employee of Songyuan Branch of the Group, saying that he was in urgent need to make an appointment with an expert in a department of Affiliated Hospital of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine. It’s hard to get registered, so he turned to the GCICL's Employee Affairs Office.

The Employee Affairs Office had lost no time in dispatching employee to the hospital to learn about the registration situation. At 17:00 that evening, six employee members of the Group were organized to make a successful appointment to the expert due on December 21 through the mobile phone network. On the morning of the 21st, Wang Yuwen of the Employee Affairs Office went to the hospital to accompany the employee's family members in the registration procedures, and finally helped employee's family members to achieve their wishes.

The establishment of the JCICL's Employee Affairs Office is the embodiment of the advanced and excellent corporate culture of the Group, a measure for the Group to lead the enterprise to put the humanistic care into practice, and also an urgent need for the employees' life and work. The Group regards every employee as the most precious wealth of the enterprise, and is willing to put into practice actions to make the life of the employees more harmonious and happy, really solving the difficulties for the employees. In the future, let's work together to deliver more energy to the warm Office. It is believed that everyone's trust, support and happy work status will bring unlimited development momentum to the Employee Affairs Office.