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"Night of JCICL - 2019 Vienna Symphony Orchestra New Year’s Concert" Brings to a Successful Close
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At 19:30 on December29, "Night of JCICL - 2019 Vienna Symphony Orchestra New Year’s Concert"was played magnificently at Changchun Flagship Theatre on Liulaogen GrandStage, bringing an audio-visual feast of the highest level in the field ofclassical Austrian music performance to thousands of audience in Changchun.

That night, ZhangZiyi, chairman and CEO of JCICL, attended the concert, which was beautifully decorated and endowed with an elegant, relaxed, luxurious and warm atmosphere,to welcome the New Year in the solemnity and ceremonial music with Changchun audience.

The concert was directed by Mr. Guido Mancusi, and began with The Magic Flute Overture in its first half.The exquisite music is magnificent and smooth, flowing out like the spring water, annotating the bright and beautiful life. The Magic Flute, as one of Mozart's four most outstanding operas, coupled with its more fascinating fairy tales behind it, put the audience personally into the scene with the exciting music.

Subsequently,Mozart's Symphony No. 35 in D Major, K. 385, "Hafner" was performed,which was perfectly interpreted with Mr. Guido Mancusi's magical commanding power. The audience was immersed in the brilliant Mozart aria, feeling the celebration scene more than 200 years ago.

In the second half of the concert, works were played one after another, including The Gypsy Baron: Overture, The Song of the Wanderer, Violin and Orchestra, Op. 20, Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Minor, Slavonic Dance No. 2 in E minor (10), Op. 72, Czardas (solo with violin), Long Live the Magyar! Quick polka, Op. 332, Vienna Blood Waltz,Op. 354 (solo with violin). The music is magnificent, tender, warm and deep, no matter short or grand, appealing to both refined and popular taste.

Under the guidance of the conductor, the audience cooperated with the band tacitly and applauded with rhythm and melody, brimming the whole scene with a peaceful, happy and warm atmosphere of the New Year. Finally, the concert slowly came to a close inthe return performance of "Old Gallup Dance".

Although the concert has ended, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra has deeply imprinted Vienna's long-standing Symphony culture in the memory of the Changchun audience. JCICL picks up the most beautiful musical notes to pay the New Year homage to offer a magnificent Pearl chain strung together with the world's splendid culture for the audience in Changchun. In the upcoming 2019, JCICL will continue to promote the display and exchange of Chinese and Western cultures in the best way to enable more audience to experience the charm of culture in the tasting and appreciation of top-level art.