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Wunv Peak Tourism (Holding) Group was founded in March 2016 with a registered capital of 50 million RMB. Its founding was approved by China's National Bureau of Administration for Commerce and Industries and represents JCICL's great move to push forward the construction and development of culture and tourism industries.

The Group has four wholly-owned subsidiaries: Wunv Peak Tourism (Holding) Company, Wunv Peak Tourism Industry Development Company, Wunv Peak Food Company and Wunv Peak Culture & Media Company. The Group's business areas cover tourism projects development, financing for the construction of tourism projects and infrastructure, tourism assets management, investment, development, construction and management of cultural and tourism projects, tourism transportation investment, and advertising. The Group aims to strengthen Jilin's tourism by developing tourism projects and infrastructure, integrate tourism resources and develop tourism products.

The Group has always insisted on its mission and spirit of "diligence, modest, realistic and progressive". It enjoys abundant advantages in location, resources, information and culture, and strives to promote Jilin's tourism industry and inherit excellent culture by integrating resources and following market orientation.