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Culture is the soul of tourism, and tourism is an important carrier and way of cultural development. During the "12th Five-Year" Plan period, the cultural and tourism industries, as the "Pillar Industries of the National Economy", received multiple benefits in the aspects of policy, current situation and capital.

In 2017, under the strong development trend of national cultural tourism industry, the tourism industry division was set up by Jilin Cultural Investment Group, which bore the important responsibility of the interactive development of culture, tourism and real estate. It took the exploiting and promotion of native cultural tourism resource as its own duty and exerted efforts from the fields of hot spring resort, scenic area development and management, tourism product development, organic food development and tourism integrated marketing to create a dynamic ecosphere for cultural tourism in large regions.

At the same time, by relying on the ecological tourism resources in Jilin province, the group constructed the tourist attraction cluster and pan-tourism industry cluster, implemented the cultural tourism strategy, developed the distinctive tourist products, cultivated the hot spots for tourism consumption, promoted the regional tourism brand, accelerated the integrative development of tourism industry and related industries and created a high-quality tourism project with the functions of natural scenery, folk culture, catering and entertainment, health maintenance and leisure shopping, etc., which presented a new type of tourism experience that with more cultural connotation and more ecological charm and guided the provincial tourism industry to be larger, better and stronger.

Initiated by China Securities and Investment Fund Industry Association, the cultural tourism investment development alliance, headed by China Development Finance Promotion Association, has been formally established. As the initiator of the alliance and the vice president unit, Jilin Cultural Investment Group is shouldering the mission to assist the alliance become an innovative and comprehensive service platform connecting industries, finance, government and the international community. It will promote the development of the local tourism enterprises with the spirit of practical work, and help Jilin province to become the important force of travel business in China.

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